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Important Update: Adobe Reports & Analytics End-of-Life Announced - Rawsoft

Adobe has recently announced a significant update regarding their Reports & Analytics tool. As of January 17, 2024, Adobe will discontinue Reports & Analytics along with its reports and features. This decision stems from the tool’s reliance on legacy technology that no longer aligns with Adobe’s modern technology standards and infrastructure.

Why is Reports & Analytics Going Into End-of-Life?

Reports & Analytics is based on outdated technology that is no longer sustainable or supported. Since the introduction of Analysis Workspace in 2015, Adobe has gradually transferred functionalities from Reports & Analytics to Analysis Workspace, reaching a point where the latter can effectively replace the former.

Impact on Users

With the end-of-life of Reports & Analytics on January 17, 2024, all reports and schedules associated with it will cease to function. Users should be aware that while Analysis Workspace covers most functionalities of Reports & Analytics, some features will not be supported going forward.

Supported and Deprecated Features

Adobe has provided a clear distinction between features that will be supported in Analysis Workspace and those that will be discontinued:

  • Supported Features: These include Combo Charts, Calendar Events, Menu Customization, Bot Reports, and Real-Time Reports, with some having been updated or released in the recent past.
  • Deprecated Features: Certain features like Bookmarks, Dashboards, Custom Reports, and others will not be transitioned to Analysis Workspace and will be discontinued.

For a detailed list of supported and deprecated features and potential workarounds, users are encouraged to visit Adobe’s dedicated end-of-life page. This is a critical moment for users to adapt to the new functionalities and make the most of the advanced capabilities of Analysis Workspace.

Preparing for the Transition

Given this significant update, it’s more important than ever to prepare for the switch to Analysis Workspace. This involves understanding the nuances of the new tool, adapting existing reports, and training your team to make the most of its advanced features. For any questions or additional support, Adobe Customer Care remains a valuable resource.


This end-of-life announcement marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of Adobe’s analytics tools. Embracing Analysis Workspace offers a chance to leverage cutting-edge analytics capabilities, although it comes with the challenge of adapting to new workflows and functionalities. As your digital analytics consulting partner, we are here to guide you through this transition, ensuring your analytics strategies remain robust and effective in this new era.