Navigating the Extended Timeline: Google’s 2025 Third-Party Cookie Phase-Out and Its Implications for Marketers

The repeated postponements of Google’s phase-out of third-party cookies, now targeting early 2025, signal not just a temporary reprieve but underscore a pressing call to action for marketers to evolve their strategies amidst these shifting timelines. This latest delay, largely influenced by regulatory scrutiny and the need for more robust testing of alternative technologies, offers […]

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Google Sets Privacy Precedent: Third-Party Cookie Restrictions for Chrome Users in 2024

Digital Privacy In an important development within the digital privacy landscape, Google has commenced the restriction of third-party cookies by default for 1% of Chrome users, a move announced as of January 4, 2024. This initiative is part of Google’s broader Privacy Sandbox project, aiming to enhance user privacy while maintaining web functionalities. The gradual […]

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